Welcome to Ultimate Seal Driveway Sealing

Ultimate Seal is based in Penrith Area serving Penrith, Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury region.

We pressure, wash and seal driveways, footpaths, patios and other concrete area’s in a clear sealer or a range of colours.

The difference between Ultimate and a lot of competitors is that we pressure clean one day and seal the next.

The concrete surface needs to dry for a 24hr period, if you don’t let it dry for a 24hrs it can trap moisture under the sealer resulting in whitening or clouding and also reduce the lifespan of the sealer, the color we use is mixed with the sealer and penetrates the concrete surface, not like paint which can peel, flake or chip in time.

Why seal?

Sealing sustains the overall look and finish to driveways, footpaths, patios and other concrete areas.

The advantages of sealing is that it can bring back the finish you originally had and at the same time protects the concrete surface from oil, leaf, sun damage and other contaminates.

State of the art equipment

At Ultimate Seal we use state of the art equipment and products that are australian owned and made.  our pressure washer machine combines a rotary and wand which is adjustable from 1000 PSI-4000 PSI.  this ensures an even clean to the concrete surface

Where we service

Our service covers the Penrith, Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains areas.

Ultimate Seal, seal in clear coats and also a range of colours.