What Does Driveway Sealing Do? Just Ask Us!

what does driveway sealing do

So, What Does Driveway Sealing Do? 


Despite the fact that many home owners forget about their driveway, it is actually the first thing that visitors to your home see. If you’re selling your home, it’s obviously important to keep it tidy and well maintained during the process, but it is also beneficial to entice potential buyers so that you can sell it quickly and for the best price. We think that our driveway sealing treatment is special enough to warrant your attention, especially if you’re in the process of selling up and want to encourage more attention from buyers. But what does driveway sealing do? What can it do for you and your home?


Enhancing Your Driveway Today


We’re biased of course, but here at Ultimate Seal, we think that our driveway sealing treatment is the perfect way to enhance your existing driveway, protect it long term, and add some real value to your home. Not only is your driveway the very first thing that visitors to your home see, but it also takes a lot of punishment. All of this wear and tear really takes its toll, no matter how tough it is.


Here’s what we think our sealing treatment will offer you:

  • Visual impact: First and foremost, having your old driveway sealed will enhance it. Have you ever seen how wet pavers look so shiny after the rain? This is what our special sealant can do. Once the a layer is applied with our state of the art professional equipment, it will not only protect the concrete, stones, or pavers with a tough and durable layer that will last for years, but will also look fantastic! In fact, you’ll probably even think that you have a brand new driveway! It’s a great way to impress the neighbours and potential buyers, and will make your driveway look new again.
  • Colour Co-ordination: Because we can add just about any colour tint you want to the special sealant, we can also colour your driveway. This means that if you have a dull old grey concrete driveway that is looking a bit old and worn, it will look new again with a layer of protective sealant applied and a colour. Unlike paints, our colouring actually penetrates the concrete and forms a bond. This means that it won’t simply peel off in the weather or flake off.
  • Low maintenance: Once applied and dry, our sealer will protect the concrete, stone or paved driveway from contaminants like oil, grease, dirt, and other organic matter. It will not only resist stains, but will also prove to be a low maintenance area of your home. Concrete and other surfaces have a tendency to absorb stains, which discolours and degrades them over time. Our sealer will prevent further damage in this regard and will provide your home with an easy to clean driveway that looks great.


Here at Ultimate Seal, we believe that our sealing process is one of the best in the business. It will not only add great value to your home, but will also protect your driveway and make a real statement!