All You Need To Know About A Concrete Driveway Sealer

concrete driveway sealer

All You Need To Know About A Concrete Driveway Sealer

Homeowners will invest in a good concrete driveway sealer for an assortment of reasons.  It is an uncomplicated way to increase the value of your property while adding visual appeal to your home.  It not only makes your driveway look exceptional, it also postpones the day when a repaving job would be needed.

Why you should use a sealer

It makes a good first impression

Your driveway is the first thing people notice when they look at your home.  If you intend selling your house and your driveway is substandard, potential buyers will assume the rest of your house is built to the same quality.  By using a concrete driveway sealer you will add extra appeal to your home effortlessly.

It’s Low Maintenance

Sealing your driveway with Ultimate Seal saves you time and money.  A good seal stops water, air and sunlight from coming in contact with, and damaging your driveway.  By using a concrete driveway sealer your driveway simply won’t need the upkeep and maintenance that unsealed driveways require.

It Keeps Your Driveway Looking Its Best

The seal coating will restore your driveways to its original finish, boosting the appearance of the concrete.  A high quality sealer also provides a smooth, non-porous surface that allows rain to wash dirt and debris away, ensuring your driveway is kept looking like new.  It’s also entirely possible to change the colour of your driveway with different colours in sealer available.

My Driveway is New, Does It Need To Be Sealed?

Absolutely, yes!  Although concrete can withstand tremendous compression, extreme weather conditions such as we get in Australia frequently, will crack and damage a concrete driveway.  This in turn can leave your driveway especially vulnerable to further damage.

A new concrete driveway needs to be sealed immediately after the concrete is poured and dried as oxidation starts immediately after the concrete is laid.  Sealing the concrete will provide your driveway with immediate protection and eliminate the risk of cracks and other damage.

Can I Do It Myself?

Off-the-shelf sealing products have been manufactured to withstand extended periods of storage on the shelf.  As a result, store bought sealers simply can’t match the quality and durability of the sealers that Ultimate Seal provide.  A concrete sealer installed by a professional won’t have to be redone every year because the quality of the material they use is far superior to products you can buy yourself in stores.

Also, when it comes to installing a concrete driveway sealer, people often make mistakes.  Owners often seal them too frequently, or don’t seal them properly which can lead to unsightly cracks and peeling.  Ultimate Seal can assess your driveway, advise you if it needs repairs and provide you with expert advice, ensuring you of a professional finish that you will always be proud of.

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