Concrete Resurfacing Has Never Been Easier!

Concrete resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing Made Easy!

Concrete surfaces are commonly constructed without visible defects or deformities.  Nonetheless, bumps, bruises and depressions can occur through exposure to environmental conditions or general wear and tear. This is where concrete resurfacing can be a brilliant substitute for replacing an old driveway.


The various imperfections on your concrete floor can easily be repaired by concrete resurfacing.  Ultimate Seal are able to repair and rejuvenate the concrete floor of your warehouse, commercial space, corporate building or anywhere else.  Resurfacing your distressed and tired concrete surface will revive it and restore it to its original condition.


What Exactly Is Concrete Resurfacing?

Concrete resurfacing is when the existing concrete is sanded back to allow any unwanted imperfections or visible damage to be removed from the surface.  Holes and depressions are then filled and leveled and cracks and blemishes covered and repaired.  Finally, the resurfacing material is poured over the area and evenly spread to create a smooth and magnificent finish.


The difference between traditional concrete repairs and resurfacing is that resurfacing uses the existing concrete surface as a base.  The concrete resurfacing material is laid directly on top of the existing concrete area.


Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

In comparison to other concrete repair solutions, resurfacing is extremely cost efficient.  Tearing up and replacing old concrete can cost up to three times as much as getting it resurfaced.  Resurfacing will save you money on labor and materials while still giving you the look of a freshly laid surface.  It’s simple to use concrete resurfacing to repair old surfaces and hide damage.  It’s incredibly quick to apply, with a minimal amount of time required to create a smooth and level concrete surface.


The components used in concrete resurfacing are exceedingly durable and can provide resistance to stains, tyre marks and much more.  It will obscure any minor imperfections.  Your new surface also has the potential to last much longer than the original concrete surface did.


When To Resurface

Like people, concrete does deteriorate over time and starts to show its age.  When this happens it’s time to consider your options.  If your foundation is structurally sound there’s no need to shell out for expensive repairs.  In this instance, resurfacing your concrete surface is the perfect solution.


Before resurfacing your concrete it’s important to assess exactly what’s caused the damage and how extensive it is.  Ultimate Seal have the experience and expertise to professionally appraise what needs to be done.


What Will My Concrete Be Protected From

Your new surface will protect the underlying concrete from a variety of potential problems including the most extreme conditions.  It protects against bacteria and germs, chemical stains, wear and tear, corrosion, extreme cleaning, weather and environment, heavy traffic and more.


Ultimate Seal high pressure cleans your concrete surface before sealing it, to rid the underlying surface of all contaminants.  This allows a perfect seal and makes your new concrete surface especially easy to clean and maintain.


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