Are You Wondering How Long For Driveway Sealing To Dry?


 Drying Time and Beautiful Driveways


Before we begin a driveway sealing job, we’re asked all sorts of questions by the home owners. This is a good thing and we certainly encourage it. If you’re going to spend money on enhancing your driveway, you need to ask questions before shelling out the money. One question we get asked a lot is how long for driveway sealing to dry? It’s not that people are necessarily impatient, but people do have busy lives, and it makes sense that people should want to put their car away in the garage. Not even we want to be kept waiting by tradies when we have our own jobs done at home!

 How Long For Driveway Sealing To Dry?


how long for driveway sealing to dry

There are all sorts of sealants out there on the market and you generally get what you pay for. Some sealants last longer than others, and some are more durable, but when it comes to drying time we always recommend that a home owner wait at least 24 hours before using the driveway after a sealing treatment. After this time, the sealed layer will be tough and durable enough for both foot traffic and vehicles.

Here at Ultimate Seal, we prefer to take some extra time to do a top job rather than rush everything and risk making a mistake. We have enough industry experience to know that customer service should be the number one priority for every business, and we take pride in the fact that we use only the best equipment and the best sealant for the jobs that we do. To give you an idea of how long it will take for the whole job to be done, here is our process:

  • Clean: Before we even apply the sealant we need to clean your driveway. This means getting out the trusty pressure cleaner and getting rid of all of the debris and stains. We don’t want to lay down a permanent sealed layer without cleaning the substrate first, so we take our time to do this part.
  • Drying: Once the pressure cleaning is done and we’re happy with the way the driveway surface looks, we let it dry. This part of the procedure is important because any moisture that has been absorbed into the concrete may become trapped under the sealant if we don’t allow it enough time to dry out. We find that 24 hours is usually enough time for the driveway to dry out.
  • Sealing: Once dry, we can apply the sealer. After it has been completely applied by our professional employees, we ask that you wait at least another 24 hours before using the driveway as normal. During this time, we suggest parking the car on the road or even in the driveway of a friendly neighbour. This is not usually an issue, and some people don’t even need to use the car whilst they are waiting for the entire process to be finished.


Once all this has been done, your driveway will look fantastic! In fact, most customers tell us that the driveway looks brand new. This is the best thing we can hear and makes us feel good to be in business!