Is Concrete Sealer Waterproof?

is concrete sealer waterproof?

Quick Question: Is Concrete Sealer Waterproof?


Here at Ultimate Seal, we field a lot of questions from our customers. It’s something that we’re more than happy to do of course. Our premium quality concrete sealer is obviously one of our most popular products, and most questions tend to revolved around it. Probably the most common question we get is this one: is concrete sealer waterproof?


Concrete All Over The Place!


If you look around your home, you’ll notice that lots of things are made of concrete, including pathways, fences, and probably even your driveway. In fact, we’d hazard a guess and suggest that your driveway is more than likely to be made of concrete since it is one of the most popular building materials around the world today.


Even though it is popular, durable, and quick to dry, the problem is that concrete is a porous material unless treated. This means that water will penetrate the surface over time and cause damage to the structure of the material. This is why you’ll often see cracks and holes in pavements around your town, and why they occasionally need repair and maintenance!


Protecting Your Concrete Driveway


So, what can you do to waterproof your concrete driveway and ensure its durability? Some people use a type of crystalline waterproofing material that actually bonds with the concrete substrate and fills up all of the gaps and holes. This is actually a process of growing tiny crystals in the existing concrete structure and is not a bad way of waterproofing.


One other less common method of waterproofing a driveway is to lay a membrane over the top of it and use a special adhesive to stick it to the surface. It is effective at waterproofing the concrete beneath, but will need repair or replacement if it is damaged in any way.


We actually use a concrete sealant that not only bonds with the surface of the concrete, but also provides a protective layer. This means that we can also add a colour tint to it to give your boring old driveway a great new look!


Why Use Our Premium Concrete Sealer?


Our concrete sealant layer will not only waterproof the concrete underneath, but will also provide long term protection from oil, grime, dirt, leaves, debris, sun damage and other contaminants. In our opinion, it is superior to the other waterproofing methods because of the ease of application and its long term durability. Ultimately, this translates into less maintenance for the home owner.


We’ve called New South Wales our home for many years and have been proud to service the areas of Penrith, Hawkesbury and the Blue Mountains areas. We stand by our concrete sealer and know from long experience that our customers love it.


We only use the best state of the art equipment and never rush a job. In fact, we’d rather take our time to ensure that the final result is exactly what you want! If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to give us a call or come in and see us today.